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Our chosen colour of the month is named after an exuberantly lavish palm whose elegant fan of leaves is seen all over Kenya. According to legend, the Ravenala Palm collects water in the sheaths of its leaves from which thirsty travelers can drink. A vibrantly glowing, yet serene shade of green, this colour is ideal for accent walls and plays well with gold. Add a dash of white in ceilings or trims - and the colour becomes subtly crisper. According to the Science of Colour, green represents rejuvenation, revitalization and nurture; it also imparts emotional and physical balance: which makes this a great colour for dining and entertaining spaces.

To experience the full spectrum of this shade (and the others in our own exclusive palette), visit the Paint Studio at our Grand Showroom where you’ll also discover a range of bespoke curtain fabrics, upholstery textiles and wallpapers, each of which has been designed to echo and amplify the exotic subtlety of this shade. You can also meet our design team and browse our extensive collection of bespoke furnishings and interior design accessories.

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