Infusing a space with colour is one of the swiftest and most impactful ways in which to deliver an
entirely new look to your interior space. Clever choice of colour can enlarge the overall dimension or
define specific areas; it can create mood and convey concepts such as; cosmopolitan elegance, antique
splendour; safari chic or simply pared down modernism. Commercially, smart colour choices can
strengthen your brand or define your corporate image. It’s for this reason that, working with Galaxy
Paints, we’ve created our own customized Palacina Paint Palette.

An integral part of our Design Centre, which offers professional consultancy on all aspects of
residential, commercial and hospitality interior design, our Paint Studio showcases a range of paints
that is not only utterly unique, but also provides the means of creating spaces that fuse the nuances of
Africa with the polish and inspiration of cosmopolitan interior design.

The Studio also offers practical advice for those doing their own painting and the services of a team
of professional painters for those who prefer to achieve optimum impact with minimal disruption.

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