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Inspiring Interiors for Hospitality Properties

If you are looking for décor inspirations for your hotel then Palacina Interiors is what you need.

We specialise in fitting out boutique hotels, beach resorts, and safari camps, with projects in various African countries as well as in Europe and the USA.

Let us design interiors that speak your ethos, style, and brand identity whilst blending with the natural beauty and unique qualities of your destination location. With our professional services, your establishment will become the ideal place for guests to retreat, relax, enjoy, strategize, or be entertained as the case may be.

Palacina Interiors handles top-to-bottom hospitality designs for bedrooms, lounges, common areas, dining rooms, bars, boardrooms, pool sides, terraces, decks, and outdoor seating spots. Ours are not the run-of-the-mill interiors but tailor-made for each hotel to stand apart, incorporating your aesthetics while remaining authentic to the place.

A complimentary site inspection by our interior professionals gives us a first-hand understanding of the location and the vision you have in mind, using the opportunity to photograph, take measurements and internalise the significant elements of the establishment.

Our interior design team will give you practical advice and imaginative ideas for combining the nuances of Africa with cosmopolitan inspirations, minimalist elegance, safari chic, cultural creativity, or timeless vintage.

Inspiring Interiors for Hospitality Properties
Inspiring Interiors for Hospitality Properties

You are invited to visit the Grand Showroom to see the range of high-quality furniture, fixtures, fabrics, soft furnishings, drapes, and accessories in stock. Sample room setups give a visual snapshot of how your dream hotel could come to life.

From the customized Palacina Paint Palette you can create just about any colour scheme imaginable. The right shade of paint will bring out different moods, 'expand' small spaces, assimilate the indoors with the outdoors, and style up yet never distract from the extraordinary aspects of your property.

For a modest fee, customised design boards are created for clients to conceptualise the various spaces, scale and proportion, and understand movement and flow, with the necessary adjustments made before a project begins. We walk with you every step of the way, tracking timelines and keeping in constant communication.

Palacina Interiors is known for excellent craftsmanship and our in-house team of artisans produces bespoke furniture and tailored furnishings to your specifications. The hospitality package includes procurement, delivery and installation with every phase of the project supervised by a project manager.

Inspiring Interiors for Hospitality Properties
Inspiring Interiors for Hospitality Properties

Perhaps you wish to redesign a single room or makeover just a few aspects of your property. Freshen up your furniture with upholstery from our textiles range or pick out a new set of cushions and rugs. Check out the wide selection of window dressings including rods and rails. Consider our series of durable, high-quality wallpaper in multiple designs that will bring a new identity into any space.

There is always fresh inspiration and unusual finds at the design centre. Throughout the year, we have new accessories, wall hangings and decorative items arriving in the Showroom, locally sourced or commissioned from handpicked artisans around the world.

For more information, contact us at 0729 123 456, inquiries@palacinainteriors.com.

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