In our Paint Studio, you can browse our range of paints and match them against -
either our Palacina Range of textiles, wallpapers and decorative finishes – or those
you have already chosen for your home or space. You can also benefit from the
experience and professional know-how of a team of dedicated experts ready and
waiting to share their expertise on everything from colour choices and paint types to
specialist finishes and eco-friendly best practice.

If you’re planning on visiting the Studio we suggest that you allow plenty of time for
a detailed discussion with our team; and that you bring the following with you:

The approximate dimensions of the space you intend painting (length, width and
height of room) together with relevant details as to the surfaces to be covered (are
they wood? Plaster? Outdoor? Subject to environmental influences such as damp

Samples of the wallpapers and textiles you plan on using (curtains, upholstery
fabrics etc). Alternatively – snapshots of your space. Any colour references or
inspirational ideas that you might have picked up from magazin


For those who would appreciate some professional guidance on the creation of a
bespoke interior design concept we suggest that you book a visit from our Design
Team. By visiting your home or commercial space, this team of experts can assess
not only which paints will work best, but also advise on which wall coverings,
textiles, furniture and lighting will create that signature Palacina Look. Such a visit
will also allow them to provide you with a Concept Board (a thumbnail sketch of
how the finished space will look) and an accurate quote.

Click here to book a visit from our Design Team

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