Textiles, Cushions,Upholstery & Rugs Textiles, Cushions,Upholstery & Rugs

Textiles, Cushions,
Upholstery & Rugs

At Palacina, we believe in ensuring that our client’s individuality is expressed in
the space they’re presenting.

As with everything in the Palacina Collection, our range of textiles has been designed to work intuitively alongside our paint palette, our bespoke furnishings, our lighting concepts and our accessories. Choices range from elegant simplicity to dramatic impact; and from nature-inspired to baronial baroque.

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Our team of professional upholsterers are adept in applying your chosen textile to any of the pieces in our bespoke range of sofas, chairs and bedheads. Should you wish it, we can also re-upholster your own furnishings.


The Palacina design concept relies on the inspirational use of such things as footstools and scatter cushions; on wall and bed hangings; strategically placed drapes and on statement dining table looks. In the Design Studio you’ll also find an exquisite selection of ready-made cushions and throws, which deliver both contrast and definition in terms of colour and texture.


We offer our own collection of pure linen in all the colours of the spectrum. Ideal as dining table dressing, our linens also lend themselves to the creation of minimally chic furnishing treatments.


Our collection of rugs takes its inspiration from natural fibres such as cotton, sisal and jute. Many are hand-woven by local artisans. All are designed to work as an extension to our room concepts. Typically understated in terms of pattern, our rugs major on texture, and colour while delivering both opulence, spatial drama and continuity.

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